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After Surgery

So now our journey begins!  Surgery is over & you’re waiting for your results.

Right now you’re probably on autopilot trying to function and appear normal while your head is still spinning with all the unanswered questions and scenarios.

Our next step is to provide you with knowledge about products & garments that will assist you from here on in.

If you didn’t see us prior to surgery, that’s okay.  We have two types of products for you to start with.

1st Type of Products

2nd Type of Products

For further information contact Carol Lynn at 902-229-8843

Note: We usually recommend waiting about 4 months before getting a silicone prosthesis. The reason being your skin/scar needs to heal completely so that it isn’t sensitive to touch or pressure. You also want to make sure that all the swelling is gone as it will affect choosing the proper size & shape that will be best for you. There are other products that we can recommend that can help get you to that point.