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Live for Today – choosing the right prosthesis

CONGRATULATIONS!  You’re now ready for your first REAL prosthesis! This is your next big monumental step.  You’re now ready to start doing the activities you did before breast cancer & treatments took over your life. Whether it is:

Prosthesis, over the years have changed & improved offering many different benefits. You & your fitter will choose the prosthesis that is right for you & your lifestyle. We carry both Amoena & Janac prosthesis.

Please see below for some of what is available from each of these companies.

Most Amoena breast prosthesis now have the Experience Comfort+ technology for a whole new level of comfort.  The revolutionary Comfort+ layer constantly absorbs and releases warmth to maintain a temperature that’s just right.

Amoena Contact

Amoena Energy

Amoena Natura

Amoena Individual

Amoena Essential

Amoena Balance

Amoena Balance Contact

Janac’s Been-A-Boob is a Canadian Company started in Burlington, Ontario

You have more choices than you think.  Why not try the Been-A-Boob?

The Been-A-Boob® is a unique breast prosthesis which is made of soft fabric with a special filling which imitates a natural breast.  It is lightweight, comfortable and cool.  It will fit into any regular mastectomy bra, swimsuit, and Janac sport tops.  After surgery many women find their chest area is uneven.  The Been-A-Boob® will fill in those areas and help to make them look like they did before their surgery.  Thus whether you are running a marathon, participating in an exercise class, or working around the house, nobody will know you are wearing prosthesis.


Spirit Been-A-Boob®

Heart Been-A-Boob®

Angel Been-A-Boob®

Freedom Been-A-Boob®

Freedom Ultralight Been-A-Boob®

Enhance Been-A-Boob®


How to care for your Amoena breast form.

As your body & remaining breast changes, often your prosthesis may need to change with it.