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OKAY! The truth! Who hates to go shopping for a new Bra!

How do I know what size band? How do I know what size cup? My straps always fall of my shoulders! Should I wear a soft cup or an underwire? I don’t feel comfortable in an underwire; does that mean I won’t get enough support if I don’t wear one? I’m big busted and can’t find a bra to fit me! I’m very small busted and can’t find a bra to fit me. Does a supportive bra have to look so ugly!

The list goes on!!!!

“As women we come in many different shapes and sizes with different needs. One of the hardest things for me was to find a good fitting, supportive and comfortable bra. It could look a little pretty too, not like something my grandmother would wear.”

Carol-Lynn Lucas
Owner of JUST CALL US- Health Solutions & The Bra Specialists

When you make an appointment to come and see us you will get a free one on one consultation. We will discuss what your needs are. Do you prefer soft cup or underwire or open to both. Are you looking for good everyday bras or something sexy for a special night out? Once I have a better idea of what you’re looking for we’ll start trying on bras. I will explain to you what to look for & how to fit a bra properly so that you can take that knowledge anywhere. I will point out why a particular bra is better for you than others such as ones that hide that lovely extra flap of skin that shows up by our armpits as we age or gain weight. By going through this process we hope that you’re going to go home with a new bra or two, or three!

What I don’t want to do is send you home with something that’s going to sit in your drawer. That doesn’t do either of us any good because I’m investing in you and really hope that you’re coming back for more when it’s time for new bras.

I keep files on all my clients. As we’re doing a fitting I’ll be making notes on what you liked or didn’t like. This way, if you want to order another one of your favourite bras you just need to give me a call. Or the next time you come in for new bras we won’t have to go through the ones that didn’t fit right or you didn’t like.

Did I mention that you get to do this in the comfort of my home office! So no stress! It’s by appointment so why not give me a call. I have a large selection of bras for all different shapes and sizes.

I also carry a small assortment of swimsuits from size 10-26.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Carol-Lynn Lucas
Certified Fitter

Helpful Hints & Explanations

The most common reason for bra straps falling down is that you haven’t readjusted your strap after you washed your bra. The strap will often move or slide while it is being washed.

Solution: Take a permanent mark and mark where you have adjusted the strap to. After you wash it you’ll be able to see where you need to move it to.

When putting on your bra always remember once it’s on to lift each breast up into the cup. With your left hand reach into the cup on your right side & lift your right breast up into the cup. This insures that the band is sitting flat against you. Repeat & do the other side. This is also when you should make any changes to your bra straps.

The Escapees- This is when your breast attempt to slip underneath the band of your bra. The most common reason for this is that your band is too big or the cup is too small. If the band is too big they can slide under the band. If the cup is too small they can either go up or go down. Factor gravity into the equation and you know where those girls are heading.

The Side Boobs- This is when we get that extra little breast tissue peeking out the sides of your bra. It usually means the bra is too small in the band or the cup. This is not to be mistaken for the nice roll that we sometimes get up a little higher above the arm pit. This can be corrected by choosing a bra with higher sides.

The Quad Boob- This is when the top of your bra cuts into your breast. This is caused by the cup of the bra being too small or sometimes it’s caused by the style of the bra not be right for the shape of the women’s breast.