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"I've taken care to keep my diagnosis and mastectomy private except amongst my close family and friends. This can work if you look like nothing happened, and they made that possible for me. She supplied me with what felt good and looked good, from the hours immediately post-surgery to my first golf game."


I'd like to thank you for all your help and support during this difficult time in my life. I walked into your home in July feeling like only a shadow of myself and left with a smile on my face. You truly are an angel in disguise. My husband, who is my biggest source of support, would also like to express his thanks!

Marina, Dartmouth, N.S.

I had a mastectomy this past year and was planning to have breast reconstruction so I didn’t purchase a prosthesis for my post-operation bra. I used other methods to fill out the missing breast, prostheses for regular over the counter bras that I got from someone no longer using them, and I also bought one which was just to enhance the appearance of someone who wanted to make her breasts look bigger. I did not realize at the time, that this was a mistake. I was sore, and tired, after the operation, and just did not bother. However, I was not aware that my new ‘figure’, missing the removed breast (which was a large size), was seriously out of balance.

This went on for a few months, then I heard about the janac Been-A-Boob through Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia (BCANS), and on their recommendation, I contacted JUST CALL US – Health Solutions Inc., who represents that company. Carol Lynn Lucas came to my house to show me both a compression bra I would need for my reconstruction, and a janac Been-A-Boob prosthesis.

I tried the Been-A-Boob prosthesis in my bra, and felt instantly balanced and secure. I had not realized I was ‘canting’ to one side, and the weight of the prosthesis made me feel as though I was back to pre-cancer days. My back straightened, and I the strain I had been treating with physiotherapy, caused by the mild exercise disappeared. What a difference the prosthesis made. I could hardly believe it. We were due to go on vacation shortly after that, and all the time we were away, I felt ‘normal’, my figure both looked and felt balanced, and I wondered why I had not purchased a janac Been-A-Boob before. It was comfortable, was not ‘sweaty’ because of its micro bead construction, it fitted comfortably over my mastectomy area, and I felt complete. The fact that it looked good was a bonus! I would recommend other women in need of this type of prosthesis to look into purchasing this product. It dries overnight when washed and towel dried, and is easy to put in your bra. It comes with a removable cover, which can be washed separately, and also dries quickly.

I would also like to make a plea for ‘paying it forward’. If you purchase bras and prostheses for limited time use – such as “use” between surgery and breast reconstruction – please follow the washing instructions and treat them with care. There are many women who have breast cancer, and are unable to make these kinds of purchases – for whatever reason. If you have cared for your bra and prostheses, these can be donated to the “The Lodge That Gives”/ Canadian Cancer Society located at 5826 South St., Halifax. You can ‘pay it forward’ and someone else will benefit from your thoughtfulness. I plan to do just that.

F. Day, Halifax, N.S.

I absolutely love my Janac Been- A- Boob prosthesis and bra.  I have recommended them to anyone that I know who would require a special bra for exercise or in my case running.  I have tried other mastectomy sports bras and nothing compares to the Janac sports bra. The zipper doesn’t come down unexpectantly (which was my main complaint with other sports bras). Being a runner there is not always pockets in the running pants for ID or keys. The Janac bra is good for that as well. Thank you so much for showing me the Janac bra and Been-A- Boob prosthesis.  Life is good and with me it is about the comfort and the fit.

Janice, Dartmouth, N.S.

My experience with JUST CALL US - Health Solutions was very friendly and satisfying.  I am a large breasted women and for a long time I have been looking for a sports bra to fit me.  I wanted something that would be comfortable to wear around the house.  The girls at 'JUST CALL US' made me feel very at ease with them.  They went out of their way to make sure that the Anna sports bra by janac that I purchased was comfortable and fit like it should.  Thank You

KP, Sackville, N.S.

As a first time prosthesis user and not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised with the comfort and ease of using the “Been-a-Boob”.  Lightweight and versatile I’ve used the “Been-a-Boob” while swimming and exercising (while wearing my janac Sports Bra Tank Top), secure in the fact that I looked natural in any environment.  Thank you for introducing me to the “Been-a-Boob”.

Pauline, Lr. Sackville, NS

My husband was playing with my “Been-A-Boob” for 15 minutes when we went to bed before he realized it wasn’t the real McCoy.  This actually allowed me time to fall asleep.  Thank you “Been-A-Boob”.


I want to thank you for helping me select bras that suit me. I appreciate the time and care you provided as we considered my options and choices. It is such a relief to be wearing bras that are comfortable.  Since I’ve been wearing my new bras I purchased from your business I noticed I’m less self-conscious about my size and am standing taller.  What a relief after so many years of distress!

Gladys, Halifax

"Thanks to you I had a life changing day; it was awesome. I haven't felt this good about myself in a very long time. I almost want to parade up and down my street and put on a model show for my neighbours, but I really wouldn't do that.  What you do for women is nothing short of amazing."

BN, Dartmouth

As a clinical instructor for the LPN and CCA program I am continually bringing in people to in-service my students on all sorts of subjects. My latest in-service was done by Carol Lynn Lucas. She is the owner of Just Call Us Health Solutions Inc. The topic was Compression Stockings. This included the reasons to use compression stockings, the benefits, the correct application, and the care and maintenance of the stockings. Carol Lynn’s presentation was well organized, extremely informative and answered questions that my students presented. She also brought in a multitude of visual teaching apparatus and stockings.

We all left the hour long in-service feeling that it was an amazing learning experience and a much needed understanding of the subject. I highly recommend Carol- Lynn Lucas as a speaker to any hospital or nursing home that is wanting to educate their staff on the correct use of compression stockings.

Joel Solomon Clinical Instructor NSCC and Eastern College

Carol Lynn’s presentations have been a very valuable learning tool when teaching Continuing Care students about compression therapy.  The hands on aspect of the presentation helps the students become very comfortable with applying and removing stockings, and seeing the variety of stockings that are out there really opens their eyes to all their possible uses.  Carol Lynn is a very knowledgeable and patient professional!

Anita Keeping, RN, BN, MA Instructor, Eastern College

Being told you have breast cancer is devastating enough but after a bilateral mastectomy no research can prepare you for when you see your new body for the first time. Thankfully I found Carol Lynn of Just Call Us Health Solutions who has been a huge part in regaining my confidence. She is full of compassion, kindness and patience with amazing product knowledge. Together we tried many different mastectomy bras, swimsuits and prostheses until we were both completely happy with my choices. It was so nice that the service was very private and offered in her own home, and I never felt under any pressure or time constraints. I would highly recommend Carol Lynn and Just Call Us Health Solutions to anyone. I will be eternally grateful for her helping me transition through such an emotional time. Excellent products and excellent service!

Gaynor, Wellington NS

Dear Carol Lynn

Thank heavens you called me last month. I've been recovering from getting a defibrillator implanted on the same side as the mastectomy.

It's been really tricky to figure out what to wear.  Scarves, shawls and cutting out the neck on a bunch of t-shirts was the only solution I could come up with, and only workable during winter!

Now, after about 7 months, there can be material weight on that area, but still no way to wear anything with straps. I had no idea who could help, nor what could work. You did though, and were so energetic, creative and resourceful in solving this quandary. We went through bras and swimsuits and designed a custom look on each. Solutions with style even!

Once we figured out the various alterations, then there is a whole other level of magic you do.

Navigating the insurance waters, you took care of all of that. I hardly had to do a thing and was able to get the right coverage from the right places, making it all workable.

Now I have swimsuits: pool time is a huge element in helping with my health challenges.

And Bras. I can wear bras again. And tops, and things that cling, and summer clothes - that  world has opened up again.

Last week the first suit got it's maiden voyage.  The smaller waterboob fits great, the strap works wonderfully and i was splashing and swirling with more ease and freedom than i've had in months.

I wore the stretchy bra the other night with a tight sweater - like a normal person!!

It was also time to get more compression stockings. I've needed new measurements every time because my weight has been changing.

Coming out for home visits really helped with the logistics of the alterations, measuring for the stockings and my energy levels.

I'm sooooo thankful you jumped in when you did. You went way above and beyond in service, support and care.

It's wonderful to know you're doing this work.

It's also a great feeling to be able to wear regular clothes again!



Pam, Halifax, NS

Years ago, when growing up in Montreal, my mother would take my sister and I to Jewish woman who would fit us with appropriate bras. It took place in the woman’s home, and I found it to be instructional as well as personal.

Fifty years later, and living in Central Labrador, I had a mastectomy. During the cancer follow-up in St. John’s, NL, I went to Health Quest to acquire a prosthesis. It was a cursory fitting - not much choice, beyond the $369. prosthesis (on sale!), and one only type of bra.

After seven years of (not continual) use, the silicone prosthesis started leaking. I called Health Quest  836 km flying distance away ( 3200 km driving distance), and they stated that I was fortunate that my protests had lasted 8 years, as they were expected to last 5 years. They had no solutions to rectifying the leaking.

The only solution that I found was to use red contractor’s Tuck Tape (as other tapes such as duct tape proved not strong enough.) But I felt embarrassed when the tape showed when wearing white things! And now in my seventies, with my other breast now naturally reduced in size, I needed something of less weight and size. Health Quest no longer had the records that I had kept of my size and, at the price of their silicone prostheses, could not hazard a guess as to what might suit me now. I did order a cheap one from Amazon via China, and that was too small and unsuitable.


While on a holiday stay with friends outside Halifax, and after a cursory look at what medical equipment outlets did not supply, I discovered via the internet Carol Lynn Lucas of THE BRA SPECIALISTS Uplifting Support for All Women. I was able to get an appointment promptly, and my friends drove me to her house and ‘waited’ in their car during my appointment (that’s what good friends do! - I am fortunate).

I was back to being a young woman with my mother - being personally fitted with care, and choice of product, and professional techniques and advice given! It also helped that Carol was up-to-date with products now available. Less expensive and lighter weight prostheses, made in Canada, and developed for breast cancer survivors for use in their ‘dragon boating’ were available. The athletic bras to accompany these prostheses Carol fitted to me. (There were fancier bras also available, but for my life style in Labrador, the athletic ones were perfect). However, Carol also made sure that my new prosthesis also accommodates my ‘leisure’ bras.

My appointment lasted one hour, but I had experienced care and consideration that had not been available to me previously, and for which I am grateful. I know how to care for the new products, and they are comfortable to wear. I advise any post-mastectomy person to receive Carol’s care in selecting the more specialized bras required, not just post-surgery, but over the subsequent years of survival.

I chuckle now at my new appearance - I really do have a figure now. It is such a delight to have the figure I lost 8 years ago - I feel pleased, and proud, and thankful.

Robin Goodfellow-Baikie, North West River, Labrador