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Did you know that 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size?

Every women needs to be wearing bras that are properly sized for them that are supportive & comfortable. We are all unique in breast shape, form & density. We will show you what style & fit best suits your body type, as well as teaching you what you need to look for in finding the perfect fit.

We offer a full mastectomy line. This includes post recovery garments for breast surgeries; a full line of prosthesis from partials for irregular breasts, lumpectomies, & reconstructive surgery. Our full prosthesis lines are Amoena & the Been-A-Boob. When you look and feel good, it shows to everyone.

We measure & fit for compression garments both ready-made & custom fitted. This includes compression stockings & lymphedema arm sleeves. Compression stockings are used by both men & women. There are many reasons that compression stockings are worn both medical & preventative, especially for a diabetic. We do provide a mobile service for those who require it in HRM.

We are so glad you’ve found us. We look forward to serving you in our comfortable home office. We do private group fittings as well as corporate functions. For appointments contact Carol Lynn 902-229-8843.