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Before Surgery

I can’t believe I’ve got cancer. No one in my family has had breast cancer.  Where did it come from?  I’m too young!  What’s going to happen to me?  Am I going to loose my job?  Will I be able to work?  Will I have to have chemo?  Will I loose my hair?  Everyone’s saying “It’s going to be okay?”  I can’t even process all of this so how can you say, “I’m going to be okay?”………


If there were things I could pass onto someone getting this diagnosis it would be:

  1. Always take someone else to all your appointments as they hear parts that you don’t.  Sometimes when they are talking you are just on overload and only hear parts of it, or what you want to hear.
  2. Always keep your support team close by and never close the door on what they are offering.  It’s a two way street- they get to do something for you, which helps them cope and you get something in return.  They really want to help you; they aren’t doing it out of anything else.
  3. Take control- this is your life & body.  Don’t be afraid to question any part of your treatment and never be afraid to ask questions on anything.  If you want a second option, it’s your right.
  4. This is probably the hardest thing of all!  Bask in all the love and attention being given to you.  When you get down they will help you see the sun again.
  5. BE POSITIVE– find something each and every day to be thankful for.

Cancer does not only affect you but all the people in your world.  Everyone reacts differently, but each person is there for you in their own way.

By now you know that everything is moving at lightening speed.  Before you know it surgery day will be here.

We need you to read the next paragraph.

If your doctor has told you that you are having a lumpectomy or a mastectomy, we want you to call us right away, because things are happening very quickly.

We can provide you with information about garments that will provide support and comfort for your recovery.  Your doctor may have already mentioned or given you information on this.

We are here to help.  JUST CALL US, Carol Lynn at 902-229-8843.